2019 ClimateForce Global Ambassadors

ClimateForce has announced the selection of it’s 2019 ClimateForce Global Ambassadors. Each of the Ambassadors has displayed an outstanding commitment to the implementation of climate change solutions in their respective nations and regions. The Ambassadorship lasts one calendar year.


Listed below are the 2019 ClimateForce Global Ambassadors
The Ambassadors have been personally selected by Robert Swan, OBE.


Antarctica – Alejo Contreras

Alejo has been a champion for Antarctica for over 30 years and has been to the continent more times than any other person in human history.  He is based out of Chile and has been a great supporter to all of the 2041 Antarctic missions.


Australia – Christine Gee

Christine has been a key supporter of Robert Swan and all of the 2041 Missions for 30 over years.  Without Christine, the North Pole 1989 expedition would never have taken place.

With her relentless determination and some Christine magic, she made the First Ever Yacht Sails made from recycled plastic bottles for the 2041 Yacht.


Bangladesh – Rosy Sultana

Rosy moved to the United States with no money but a huge dream and through incredible determination formed her own successful pharmaceutical company. She is now using this same drive in starting a series of projects and companies to help protect the planet.


China – Chi Wa Iao

Chi Wa was on the IAE 2017 Antarctica Expedition and has been an ardent supporter and champion of sustainability solutions throughout Asia. He has enormous potential as a future environmental leader in the region.


France – Théo Rohfritsch

Through his organization Dreams Hunter, Theo works with young people across the globe to help them realize their true potential and dreams. He also undertakes ambitious expeditions to raise awareness of the most important social causes of our time. He is supporting the ClimateForce: Arctic 2019 team members with fundraising assistance.


The Arctic – Doris Bigio

Doris helped Robert Swan undertake corporate talks throughout Europe which helped him fund many of the 2041 missions. She has now taken up the Arctic as her passion. Doris is working with the Arctic Council and seeking to help Arctic indigenous people to get their message heard.


Europe – Anjuli Pandit

Anjuli is a sustainability corporate executive for BNP Paribas in Europe and a thought leader on best practices for sustainability solutions in the banking industry. She is also the Program Director for the ClimateForce: Arctic 2019 expedition.


India – Paras Loomba

Paras Loomba is transforming the way remote villages across the planet are powered. Through his company, Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) he has powered over 50 villages in the Himalayan mountains with renewable energy and earlier this year was one of the winners of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, held by the World Travel and Tourism Council.


Indonesia – Divya Nawale

Divya is a serious long-term supporter of the 2041 Foundation. She has been on two IAE Expeditions and has centered her life and career around protecting the environment. She is currently with the Asian Development Bank where she is working on clean energy and energy efficiency initiatives.


Iran – Malek Al Chalab

Malek was the first IAE team member from Iran. He works with Shell in the Middle East and has been a big 2041 supporter. He has published a number of very supportive articles on the 2041 Mission.


Latin America – Aldo Gomez

Aldo is the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety for Aptiv where he leads, manages, and executes Environmental, Health, & Safety initiatives globally. He is also a past winner of the CEF Sustainability Leadership Challenge and a 2041 alumni.


Norway – Kyle O’Donoghue

Kyle is a long-term supporter of 2041. He has been an exceptional team leader and filmmaker on 15 IAE Expeditions. Kyle along with Barney Swan and Martin Barnett became the first team in history to walk to the South Pole powered entirely by renewable energy.


Qatar – Hamida Al-Kawari

Hamida is a professional filmmaker, public speaker, and champion of women in her nation Qatar. Her film on the Antarctic and Climate Change is about to be released in the Middle East.


Russia – Dr. Misha Malakhov

Dr. Malakhov is a polar explorer and led Robert Swan’s successful march to the North Pole in 1989. He is known as ‘Thin Ice Malakhov’!  Dr. Malakhov has been a pioneer of environmental, historical, and Arctic films. He was the second ever HERO of Russia which is the highest honorary title of the Russian Federation.


Singapore – Jessica Cheam

Jessica is the Managing Editor of Eco-Business, and an award-winning journalist, TV presenter, director, producer, and social entrepreneur. She has more than a decade of experience in journalism with a particular expertise in sustainable development. Jessica recently launched a documentary film on Climate Change’s effect on Antarctica which was primarily shot during her time on the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 Expedition.  


South Africa – Seton Bailey

Seton is the longest surviving supporter of Robert Swan and all the 2041 missions. He is a filmmaker and works to inspire through filming young people in South Africa. Seton designed the first sales brochure for the ‘In the Footsteps of Scott’ Expedition in 1982. He was on board the ‘Southern Quest’ on her 1984 Antarctic Voyage.


Sweden – Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck

Carl is the CEO of OceanSky. OceanSky aims at delivering sustainable mobility for the next generation, through the operations of new aerial solutions in aviation. Carl has extensive entrepreneurial experience in aviation services and is involved in early stage market development in the cargo aviation sector.


United Arab Emirates – Ameera Al Haranki

Ameera has participated on two expeditions with 2041, once on IAE and also on IAE 80 South to Union Glacier Base Camp which is located 600 miles from the South Pole. She is emerging as a true champion for the environment, world peace, and women’s rights. Ameera is joining the team on CFA19.


United Kingdom – Kevin McCullough

Kevin is the CEO of Calon Energy. He has over 30 years of international experience in the energy industry and is a long-time and generous supporter of 2041. Rob always says that if he were in the corporate world he would choose to try and follow the leadership that Kevin has shown. “Kevin is NEVER a man to back down from any Challenge “.


United States – Christina Beckman

Christina is the Senior Director of Strategy and Impact for the Adventure Travel Trade Association where she creates and delivers strategic solutions for destination partners, emphasizing the broad array of positive impacts adventure tourism can provide for environment, communities, wildlife, and business. Christina was on CFA18 and has been an adamant supporter of the 2041 Mission.


United States – Shaivya Rathore

Shaivya who hails from India is currently pursuing a top tier MBA in the United States. She has held a number of past roles at 2041 in operations, sales, and marketing.  Shaivya also was a Team Leader on two Antarctica Expeditions. She has utilized her time at 2041 and in business school to help make global change within the environmental sector.


Vietnam – Lan Anh Nguyen

Lan Anh is a long term champion for 2041 and has been on two IAE Expeditions to Antarctica. She is a senior editor at Forbes Vietnam where she leads an editorial team whose mission to become the foremost source of business and financial information in the country. Lan Anh is also an Eisenhower Fellow.